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Transformation to Please

The oh so simple concept... to be used one has to be "useable". 

Her needs and desires seemed to flow through her rather than from her.  She did not even always understand their meanings or their messages.. but she knew that she was powerless to resist.  Her cunt would move her forward regardless of her mind's hesitations and rationalizations...her cunt was her door to her spirit.. and everything she did.. every movement she made.. sound she uttered... breath she gasped... was for her spirit.. and beyond that.. for the universe..but not actually for her.  It was through her cunt.. through her masterbations.. and through her sex that she could feel this the most clearly... when her mind would go still and allow her soul to be used freely.. without guilt or shame or reservation.  The shell was merely a vessel... but part of the joy of her time on earth was in fully experiencing the shell... to negate it entirely would negate part of her purpose.. of opening others through her openings...  of rejoicing in all the illusions of importance and ego the shell represented. She needed to feel them fully before she could begin to do the work of letting them go.  It was to be part of her path.. but not yet.  Her path right now still made the shell important.   In many ways she was simply a mirror.. as others were to her. In this context... the shell needed to be kept so that she would be desired and they would cum to use her and dip deeply.. into their own potentials.. in their own uses in the universe. 
The why smilingly reveals itself only after the dark yearnings spark in her masterbation and fantasy.  The why is not what brings this to you... her animal is what brings this.. her beast place that will not rest.  And so.. the shell.. dictated, formed, defined... for you... by you.   It is as if she were a sculpture.. at first a piece of wood.. no form except in manipulation at the will of her creator. 
Of course the difference here being.. that she is held responsible.. painfully responsible.. because afterall the shell is not hers..it is simply a vehicle for use.. for your use.  The notion of comfort and delight do not apply.. except in her being useable. 
Thus, the shell needs to be held accountable.  She needs to be analyzed, inspected, critiqued, measured in detail... and reformed.. at your discretion.  A human body.. yours to change.  Intense intentional excercise involving display, endurance, discipline.. and MOST importantly... consequences of denial and punishment.. witnessed punishment.  Ideally... a seperate compartmentalized individual who punishes at your direction.. at YOUR command whether that be remotely or with you present.. regardless of her cries and attempts at manipulation.  Sexual use permitted with the punishment but absolutely NOT with her pleasure in mind.
It would so move her to find one who would delight in this idea as much as her need calls to her.  Perhaps to first inspect and use her in her raw lump unfinished form... then in moments of shaping.. sweaty, panting, tired.. where she is on the floor and cannot hardly breathe let alone move from exhaustion and still she is there without choice but to offer her holes for you to use. and then lastly of course, used as the form you have created.

Oh the possibilities of voyeurism and nastiness.. webcam workouts with naked sweaty tits bouncing and dripping... anal plug downtown 5 k runs with dried cum all over her belly... gym weight lifting in very tight short shorts and tight tops with you somewhere watching.