HER fantasy... to be YOUR fantasy.. anywhere you want her!


She was laid before you as your mirror.. ready to be used for YOUR artistic opening.  Consider her as your conduit.. exploding through her into the universe. Come get her at sugarbebedoll@yahoo.com  

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She was not meant for everybody.. although in her mind's eye.. she would rephrase that to say.. she was not meant for everybody.. YET.  But hey eternity is a VERY long time to get THAT done. LOL 
She desired to engage with those who desired something different in their artistic vision.. out of the ordinary.. even if out of the ordinary simply meant.. engagement and connection.  For her.. this was ALL about connection.  Even if time spent was small.. she wanted it to be amazing.. and she wanted everybody involved in the creation.. including HERSELF.. to feel "touched".

The shell she provides for your use.


38D bolt ons
NOT model material.. very girl next door looking and OH SO USE-able

HURRRRRRY! She is neeeeedy afterall!

A WOMAN... What a terrible thing to waste.