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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

The Doll IS DISPOSABLE.. and she LIKES IT! email me at sugarbebedoll@yahoo.com :)


For you ADD'ers who dont do your homework.. she always has claimed her age proudly... SHE IS IN HER 50's and proud of it.. AND NOT a model type in the least. Her looks are ordinary.. 7 is kind.. 6 is probably more realistic.. so please do NOT grab for her if looks are your focus. Rejection at her door fee is 1,000 dollars.. so if you believe cruelty to those who offer themselves to you openly and blindly is your entitlement make sure you have that in your wallet when you knock on her door. :) No need to even make excuses... if ya don't like her just place it down and walk out. That hurt to her is worth more certainly but it is unlikely an armored truck would fit in the door with you.

Yep there she goes again.. actually having the audacity to be a hole with feelings AND a voice.

Message to footlongm*** from NYC and all men who really hate women vs enjoying playing consensual sex games with women.. and treat women accordingly:  She is very sorry that you feel the need to hurt and emotionally attack women.  You are not the only person with a voice sweetie.  She forgives you  and she hopes you heal whatever it is inside you that is hurting.


Wham em slam em.. make me CREAM and SCREAM! Debauch raunch and defile. Mmmm hmmmm! Roleplay.. fetish..regular and reverse wake up calls or middle of the night RAVAGING... I want it ALLLL!


THE BURN!!! Lemme know if you will be there too!!

Da One Da ONLY 9/11 BANGaTHON for Charity!!

This is something I did in 2001. Of course I did not do a fundraiser ON 9/11/2001.. I did my first BangaThon about 2 weeks later.

9-11-2001 did teach me something about the healing and magic of sex though. I had 2 appointments set for later that day. After I decided we were not at war and that I shouldnt take my kids out of school, I felt very shaky and I did not in any way feel like "playing". But I had no way to get hold of them and I couldnt just blow them off.. so I went thinking that I would just tell them in person and they would understand. Once I got there it was obvious that they still wanted to play so I let myself fall into the moment with them.. and in doing so I DID want to play..as is usally the case even when I dont feel like it beforehand. It was actually pretty amazing. I realized that even in the face of terror and horror... that you can still find comfort and solace and bliss in connection and in pleasure with another person. It gave me strength and courage and allowed me to face the realities waiting outside that door with a brand new face. It was almost as if the lust transformed some of that darkness of humanity into light right before my very eyes. The universe is such an amazing teacher when we allow her in. After that awakening... I knew that I MUST connect some of the lust  and magic that I felt with that date for others... bring some of the light to others that I saw in that darkness. >
I love merging the lines of giving and recieving.. of fantasy and reality. This is a perfect example of feeling GOOD about our gift of lust. Thanks for cummmmin to help me feel even BETTER about my NEEDY GREEDY putttycat while also helping others. 

HEDO 2 this year? anybody out there going lemme know!! Or okay Desires in Mexico ANYTIME ya wanna TAKE ME.. and take me and take me and take me!!!I tend to boff and boff and boff out there! Including a fave staff guy and a fave waverunner guy! For my 40th I did a total of 42 different partners in one week. YUMMY stufffffs!
APRIL ... Earth has survived 50PLUS years of BBDolls RAVENOUS Cunt Need!! Presents presents presents!!  :)
and yes I AM gonna keep my Bday up there JUST BEEEEcause.


If I am not elsewhere I am in the Chicagoland area and will travel anywhere within a 60 minute radius of Chicago for playtime.. in or outcall
I travel to Detroit, NYC, Boston, San Franny and also LA frequently so if you are there or traveling there please let me know.
and of course wherever YOUR cock wants me to be!  Just send for me and my cunt will cum a running!

......................................................................................................................................................... Times they are a changin! The dead girl halloween project was not intended to be a foreshadow to what has recently happened in our community. But.. the beautiful woman who was killed yeards ago spoke to me and I heard her loud and clear. If you are not willing to give me information on your real identity as well as references, rs2k, preferred411, or ter whitelist.. I am not willing to risk my life for you. No exceptions.. and NO just cause you tell me a really juicy hot fantasy and get my cunt all CRAVING.. it is not gonna work anymore. We all owe every provider who has been murdered at least this much respect.. that we be careful of ourselves and of each other. ............................................................................................................................................................ Annual Partay cummin Dec as always.. details to follow. ( My annual parties are on hold but who knows.. they may come back.)...................................................................................................................................................... ViolateMe Day can be everrry day!! But but but no please Mr with that big thick angry stick .. dont dont put it "rmmmmmmmmmphfffffffff" oh oh drool droool droool, I cant possibly take it alllllllllll the way down Mister... "guuurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgle sploooosh".. no no please Mister now dont push me down on the bed and yank my legs up on your shoulders oh so high and "oooooooooooooo.... no no really I dont... oooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooo ooooooooooooo...I mean I can't.. ummmmm.. welll... arghhhhhhhhhhhs.. okay okay okay...ya.. I mean ummmm... mmmmmmmmmmmm deeper deeeeeper.. yessss.. alll the way in.. please more more more PLEASE I NEED MORE!!! oooooooooo yessssssssss way down deep and HARD just like that... ooooo yesssssssssssss".. no no please Mister okay you had your fun... please dont bend me over the bed and stick it .. no really Mister it is too tight it will hurt... "yeowchhhhhhhhhh yeowwwwwwww yeo ye... hrmmmmmmmmmm hrmmmmmmmmmmm frick frick frick okay okay okay okkkkkkay I like it I like it.. dont your DARE stop!!!!!" Yep like I said... ViolateMe Day... wanna??? please please please? neeeeeeeeeeeeeedy girl here as usual!! references required BANG BANG BANG on the doll BABAY!

Before you enter her world she requests your attention for just a moment.  As of recent there have been a few she has served who do not understand the concept of respect... and she is NOT speaking of that wonderful rough wild crazed erotic place of freedom.. of hair pulling and name calling and allowing her to wallow at your feet.  Oh how she LOVES to serve those that can go to that animal primal place of neanderthal BUT BUT BUT do NOT reside there FULLTIME 24/7!! and  that have many other sides to their spectrum as well.  She would avoid those that are ONLY shallow and mean spirited and live constantly in neanderthal mode.   She has never portrayed herself in any manner that was not authentic but some obviously do not take the time to actually really look at how she is displaying herself. She is laying out her sex before you.. taking off the clothes of her mind, spreading her cunt wide open cerebrally and letting you look.. even stare.. into who she is.   So now.. let her say it as clearly and slowly and simply as she can so those of you out there that are looking for something she cannot give can understand. She is not 20.. not 30.. she is in her 50's... and yes has 50 wonderful years of the experience of life.  She is not ashamed of that, in fact relishes all that life has shown her..but wishes to be clear.. so that if what you seek is a 30 year old physical presence then please look no further her way.  If indeed appearance IS your focus and depth is of no consequence.. she does NOT wish you to call to her.  She would describe her shell as normal... not stunning or beautiful but nice enough to be used by many...and many.. and many many many!!  :).. girl next door if you will.  If you find it acceptable in your possibility of behavior to have intimacy with a creature who only wishes to serve and please you.. and then imply disappointment ..or attack or criticize her appearance.. or be rude or just plain mean..  after the fact.. then please please PLEASE she has no desire of your negative energy sullying her place of joy in her need to serve.   It is her intention to love beyond the shell.. beyond yours and beyond hers.. into a deeper more magical place.  Not everybody has the ability or need  to look there and if you dont .. she requests you move your gaze elsewhere to where it will be better suited..but if you DO have that need .. and have heard her here .. please cum in now.. and let her spirit move to where it needs to be.. wrapped around nestling at your cock.


The Shell You Have to Create Upon:
Firstofall please make a note that I am a GROWN woman.. I am NOT a BarbieDoll Model Type.. altho a BLOW up doll type yes indeedy!!

50's! and I EARNED every one of them years too!! woooooooperoooni!!
38D YES I SAID D!! wooo hoooo yippy skippy! I LOOOVE them!! and no I didnt get new ones again they just GREW bigger on me.. seems they like pleasing you too!
5'2" 140