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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

Travel.. cummin to an alley near YOU!

Please note.. in her travels she did not lessen her need to please or her energy in fantasy and connection... so please do not request that she lessen her value.  If her manuscripts are not in your reading preference then please do not grab for a book. :)

OH YEAH!!  ANNNNNND!!!  One MAJOR fantasy she STILLLL has is being given as a surprise gift to somebody.. mebbe just wrapped with a bow and left under the tree.. or tied on the bed.. or in the trunk.. or delivered to the front door in a big box.. or or or... you get the gist. :)  LADIES!! what a GREAT gift to give to your hubbby huh??? Or how about giving her to your elderly Dad in the nursing home who didnt think he was gonna EVER play again? huh huh huh?  Her mind was racing.. as usual.. so she better just stop there. hee hee
almost always Chicagoland area
Travels often to Detroit Boston NYC San Fran AND now also LA!
APRIL Always... the day the doll was created.
Oct ... occasional dead girl haunted HOLE moments.  Ifn ya see her in a haunted house then make sure to bring  the IMPALER!