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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net


I wish I were a FISH ... I am dating myself arent I? LOL

Course the thing she wishes for the most.. is to be used.. and used.. and used. It is an ache that consumes her.  But beyond that ache.. she has an occasional material lust as well.  What female does NOT revert to her 4 year year old self.. screaming and giddy with delight when somebody has placed a present in her arms?
SHE WANTS THIS please please PLEASE????  http://www.bathroom-mania.com/  :)  ANd yes.. she is SERIOUS! :)
She enjoyed toys toys toys toys for sure!  Especially ones that plugged in or were rechargeable because they were stronger and lasted longer... like
Jimmyjane hitachi
She enjoyed sexy nude decadent art and sculpture to remind her of their time together as it kept her in arousal for him after he parted . 
She enjoyed being given hot sexy clothes to wear for him, lingerie and shoes, corsettes, leather, latex, catsuits.. whatever he desired to see her in.. or take her in.. or rip off of her... especially in situations where she felt created  into his fantasy... she was relatively slender although not skinny.. a size 6 or 7 , usually a medium as she was 36D-27-36, 5'2", 125, size 7 1/2 or 8 shoe, she loved putting the sexy things on after he left, remembering his touch and taste and look of desire as she wore them for him.
She already possessed a black label wedge and ramp as well as swirl and escape wet. A perfect addition to her sex position equipment would be a leopard esse.. with the black label cover.. just the right angle to put her ass up HIGH for entry.
And for refreshment she enjoyed drinking a nice rich merlot with him.. or strawberries and champagne, especially licked OFF of her.. or off of HIM! 

In reality.. the gift of his presence was always enough.  These things just helped her to keep him with her even after he needed to take his leave from her.  But oh how she loved to stay in that place of desire and lust with him.. needing and craving all the more as she lay touching herself upon his departure.