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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

To Contact her in regards to USING USING and USING her again.. email her at sugarbebedoll@yahoo.com

Generally she prefers all correspondence to be by email. She knows most people do this the opposite way.. buttttt... she LOVES the stranger LUST mystery stufffffffff!

Hope you understand.. but if you dont at least you can take your frustrations out on her when you meet. :)  Or okay.. you can do that even if you DO understand. hee hee.  She does also request that all contact and hotel etc info as well as all special outfit and scene requests are sent to her AGAIN the day before you are to meet. Just cause she be a great ho dont mean she be a great secretary!  Thats why when she does secretary roleplay she ends up gettin spankied and having to BEGGGG for her job afterall!!! EVERY TIME!  LOL
So..if ya wanna see her ya can grab her by her hair and pulllllll her to you or....
email her! IF you get no response please dont give up she probably was masterbating and got sidetracked so try try again until you get an answer. You CAN ignore her.. but she will never purposely ignore you.