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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

The Party Favor Was a Doll


Bachelor parties, golf outings, superbowl parties... wherever there was a NEED for an oh SO willing serving girl. 

GROUP PARTY READINGS:  She did SO enjoy reading to groups. She was not typical in her readings here... she wished more to engage in her service than to perform.  But oh how she LOVED to engage with them.  She loved to be tossed from one to the other like a rag doll... used and used and used by one or two or three at a time.  Never done.. as toys are not allowed to rest.. they are always in the ready as another playmate picks them up at their whim.  Sometimes they had her flop and whirl for them.. buck and moan with her toys and objects.. become that raging writhing out of control animal she so loved.. as they watched.. sometimes in lust.. sometimes in jest... always in amusement.  It was not her place to say why.. as long as they wanted her.. and wanted her to fall before them.  The seduction of beast was not so simple in groups... her suitors did not give in so easily to themselves with others watching.. so she had to try harder. It was more of a challenge to be so vulnerable without having the immediate connection she was able to obtain in private.

Not everybody understood her ache to be used.. and it made some uncomfortable.. usually because it stirred something in them they did not understand.. and so feared.  She was willing to be brave.. and step there in front of them.. and open before them.. NOT pretend.. but actually OPEN and reveal who she was.  The risk of course was always a few who would sit in disdain and judgement... but ... she could not very well change the world by being careful.  She needed to begin her ROAR out there in the world where it was not so cocooned and fluffy.  Are you ready for her?  More importantly... are you ready to be YOU in the world WITH her? and then.. facing the universe.. WITHOUT her?  Because in the end.. THAT is her journey... for her to be her so you can be you and you can be you and you can be you and you can be you and so on.  Bring her into your real world... amongst your friends.. let her fly in your reality and not just a safe isolated bedroom.  Watch the world begin to stir in another way... 2,3,4 or more ... at a time.

Help her, be brave :)  ... let her and you move the world together.  She promises.. your stories will be magnificent!!  If she could do it alone she would be in a padded room with her vibrator afterall.  She neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeds you cause in the end... she knew everybody needed each other and it was such a magnificent gift from the universe that EVERYBODY was important to her.

Soooo many fantasies here... soon to cum.   The universe is calling.. I can hear her... shyeet.. make that the universe is SCREAMING!! LOL