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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

You can be my COWboy... and I can be yer girl COW! MOOOOOOO!!!


She loved to be used sometimes simply as a set of udders.. as a spout of nourishment for those she served. She offered them up for all kinds of creative uses.. cookies and cream.. milkshakes.. coffee creamer.. cereal.. whatever they wanted of her... but one of her most favorite uses.. was when she was allowed to spray it all over them.. and then lap it up greedily.. hungrily.. uttering sweet soft sounds in French as she went.
Okay okay. Her tits didnt spray anymore but she couldnt take this out because it was so lovely when she COULD offer it!

Chicago Cows.. MOOOOOOVE over.. cause Bebedoll is HERE