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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net


She had this fantasy in her head for years.  It was one she never thought she could realize.. one of those she felt would need to stay in her masterbations because she would not be able to find it in the world she currently walked in.

And then the universe put the whisper of magic once again in her reality.. as it always did... through her oh so waiting.. oh so quivering... oh so engorged.. place of need.  The one thing that was constant in her life.. was that the universe would never ever let her down. As long as she was open to the possibilities... and believed... her cunt would let her fly.  Here the possibility was.. right before her.  So close she felt its breath on her wetness.. but still just out of reach. 
A very large part of who she was... was an animal, actually.. a beast. It gnawed under the surface almost constantly.  Amazing actually how much her brushes with enlightenment  had been attained by what that gnawing led her to do.  Wonderful beautiful places it had led her to.  Sometimes she felt that this was more of her true self than any other but it also was the place that others could understand the least and so she usually had to soften it when she was serving.  Her place was in pleasing and opening others.. certainly not in frightening them and causing them to turn away from her.  She ached for them... she needed their pleasure.. she needed to bathe in it.. and wallow in it... and immerse in them.. as they also needed her to need them.  The desperation of need on all sides was electric.. so it was crucial to her that she opened up only the pieces of herself that would empower them.. that would move them to their own places of awakening and joy. 
But this beast was always lurking.. just under her skin.. waiting.. waiting... ever so subtly present like a tiny weight gently but persistent in tugging at her vulva and clit... the center of who she was.  Her mind always fell into her beast when she could let go.., when her guard could be dropped and she could just simply... be.  Her place of being was not a gentle place... it was a place of energy that consumed her.. it was a place of no control.. no need or ability to control.. that dissolved her thoughts and reasons and squashed all the illusions... all the insecurities.. all the negatives.. and made everything.. just as it was.. soooooo beautiful. She did reveal this place occasionally in fleeting moments when others moved her to uncontrollable spasm after spasm after spasm.. making her scream and writhe at their whim and amusement. The beast path was difficult for many to see.. perhaps because their sight was limited to her body  and mind and so could not see through to her spirit.  Her beast always brought her to her spirit.. to the place of oneness there that she sought.  In the end it was her whole existence.. to fall into that oneness.. it was indeed why she served.. to feel it.. again and again.. that connection with them and beyond them. 
The universe was very generous to the beast when it had been patient... in creating ache and need to motivate her but not to devour her.  And here was the gift from the universe.. drop kicked straight into her center with an impact that was overwhelming and oh so deliciously constant... pounding between  her head and her pussy over and over.. back and forth til she wanted to burst!!!.. to be hunted.  HUNTED HUNTED HUNTED.  In real life.. IN REAL LIFE!  Treated like the animal she WAS.. where she did not have to pretend but she could BE.  Her hands were no longer in her control.. they moved to lessen the ache but there was no relief... in fact it just increased with every release she had.  Her mind had played the scenario oh so mannnnnnny times before now.  It was a fantasy she had developed numerous times.. year after year it was always brought up in the flashes of images she would grab for to bring that explosion. 
Being chased by men in the woods... although it is true in her head things were always more complicated... in her head the men were on horses.. and there were hunting dogs... and of course fear.. delicious erotic fear and lust.. always lust... lust in her running.. lust in her getting caught.. lust in her being violated and used as an animal.. for their amusement.   Hunted down like an animal...  a piece of meat attainable by whoever would catch her... no choice.. because her place was to be used.. in her sweat.. and in her sex. 
This was who she was.. it was always who she was.  But it was not always easy.. and that was the part that many did not understand.  The intense animal place she needed to go to.. could not be attained without THEIR beast bringing or occasioanlly forcing hers out.. and she could not go without them.   She needed help.. especially to the deep dark places that she was not strong enough to go alone. The journey had to be very very intentional.. and consensual... and it usually involved breaking walls that needed to be RIPPED down.  But.. the new world on the other side of that wall... the connection with each other.. and with a new piece of TRUTH about who they were... was beyond awe. 
So... now the question she is asking.. somewhere out there.. through a gentle radiant loving soul... is there a beast who is drawn to hers... beyond cognitive.. deep and dark that the bottom is seemingly endless... but that in the end is actually walking into her cunt and into the light of her spirit. 
The vision...  a hunter who sees her animal as an animal.. to be hunted down.. chased to exhaustion.. to be taken.. forced... dragged by the hair..  slung over the shoulder.. roped to the top of the car as any other piece of meat... mounted.. mounted.. and mounted on the wall til the need arises to use her again.   In seeing her he sees a thing to be used.. a thing who is alive to bring him pleasure.  Her need is calling.... yours.

The possibilites are almost endless.