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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

Bebedoll WAKE UPPPPPPP call !!!

Put a Little Bit of Bebedoll In Your Dreams..or Make That Your Nightmares.. hee hee

Sometimes she enjoyed being used entirely as an
object. She enjoyed falling into that place of
serving outside of herself.. as being useful in her
deed as well as in her pleasure to another. One way
she found she could do this was in coming unannounced
in the morning to awaken them. Sometimes they were people she had served before.. and sometimes they were those who had never laid eyes on her before.. or lips.. or caresses...complete strangers awakened by her licks and ever so soft nibbles. She would come in oh
so quietly... not breathing a word... smelling of
freshness and newness for the day herself... gently
softly placing herself at the focus of morning
desire... ever so carefully bridging that chasm of
dreaming and waking.. reality and fantasy... swirling
them together for as long as she was able.. and in the
end.. her hope.. was that even in the wakefulness of
the day... the dream would be held in the reality.


In the morning.. grass fresh with dew..
A chicken goes cockle doodle doo..
cockles and doodles but lets throw in a bebedoll for YOU
Change that tune now all the way through..
the solo sounds of chickens have became all new
Cause now we hear bebedoll diddlin on you too.. WOO HOO!