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The Intentional LIFE: Reality of Doll World

 The World is What WE Create it to be. Magic and Miracles are EVERYWHERE if we DARE!


Dirty Girls Need to Get WASHED!
Soooo.. I have this special wonderful friend who happens to have an "in" at a handwash car wash. Of course first time I saw the place I immediately had a fantasy pop up in my head.. as is often the case in my twisted world of erotic opportunity in almost every situation. So.. I had this idea.. and he agreed. Yesterday.. it happened. FRICKKKKKEN HOTTTTTTTT!! HOT HOT HOT and did I say HOT???? Now I need to say.. I ONLY did this because he knew the people there and he knew it would be okay.. I would not just do this kind of thing in a situation where it was totally unknown. SO okay.. that said.. I wanted to be hogtied naked in the back of his pick up truck..and go get his truck cleaned. The first yum part of course was being hogtied in his garage by my hubby.. but take that yum 100 fold as I was left there and they got in the cab and the garage door lifted up and vroooooooom!! there I was in the back out on the ROAD driving to the car wash. Yep... just a naked tied up gal in the back of the truck.. out on the road.. legs open..tits a floppin.. with cars whizzzin by. Of course nobody could see me.. but I was there.. in allll my glory... helpless and exposed. Then the truck slows down and I can see lookin to the sky that we are entering the car wash building. I hear some talking.. casual.. not a big deal.. and I see my hubby grinning in at me with the camera.. but the guys still have not noticed me. I hear the water in the front turn on and begin to spray and I feel some stream on my tits here and there. Then I hear the stream come closer closer closer and all of a sudden it turns off and I hear lots of umm.. nervous.. Spanish talk back and forth. YUMMMMM.. guess I have been seen. YUM YUM YUM!! Sooo. after a few minutes.. the water comes back on to clean the outside of the back of the truck.. and I see little eyes avoiding me.. peeking at me.. up down up down.. with occasional blasts of water up over the sides at me.. all over my hair.. my whole body dripping... but never intentionally.. just as a by product of cleaning the truck. I was rocking back and forth in my wet drippy bondage BEAMING in delight. These guys musta thought we be CRAZY! LOL But they were grinning whenever they caught my eyes in a direct contact. Let me say the dryer blasted on me a few times at the end and shyeeet.. need to put one of them in my toy bag cause it felt DEEEELISH!!! Soooo.. just a thought.. next time ya see a truck going down the road.. who knows??? Life is SUCH a magical place doncha think??


If Only SHe Could Feed the MASSES
I was wrapped by S and D onto a spit that my DEAR friend A made for me.. with a dildo impaling my mouth and another impaling my cunt.. then turned slowly over a grill.  We didnt light the grill this time though because of all the fire restrictions at Burning Man and I HATE being stopped in the middle of a scene! LOL  Had a large book next to me wiht a cover that read.. "To Serve Women"... which of course when you opened it up actually was a cookbook. It was very funny when we were riding over because I put the cookbook on the back of the trailer that S was pulling behind his bike and anybody who read the cover of the book thought it was about Fem-Dom LOLOLOL.  They were a tad ummm shocked.. when they realized it was a cookbook.  Any Twilight Zone fans will especially enjoy THAT pun on words. Some yummy woman came up as I was being turned on the spit and basted me with barbecue sauce.. allll over me.. from head to tits to c*nt to toes... spending special dedicated time to my nipples and clitty of course. YUMMMMY YUMMMMY!!  ANd then people tore pieces of corn and sausages (veggie sausages of course) off of me that were strapped to me by saran wrap and dipped them in the barbecue sauce on my skin and DEVOURED. It was fuckin hottttttt.. like they were ripping flesh off of me and gnoshing on it! Til the spit broke and stopped my fun! ARGHS!  Gotta do THAT one again!!   pic cummin sooon


I have a friend who knew I had this fantasy of having my head put in a very heavy box.. so that my head would be encased and so that I could not lift my head.. basically left as a headless body to use at his mercy and his whim. He ended up taking a plastic tote and cutting the lid out to fit down over my head onto my shoulders. Then he stripped me nekkid and had me bend over and put my head down into the container... which had been half filled with sand. Then he popped the edges of the lid that was around my neck and duct taped it so that I could not pull my head out. Deliciously heavy... I tried to stand.. no possible way. Most I could do is drag it a little awkwardly by my neck. Mmmmm hmmmmm. Very very yummmy... my head seperated from my body.. from the world in a way. To add to my helplessness he then duct taped my fingers and hands so that they pretty much became flippers flopping around on this headless body. Of course he did also cut a small hole in the corner of the box so that he could use my mouth if he so pleased. It also was an easy place to pour the huge cup of cum all over my head in there that he had been collecting all week. And yes of course... such a convenient urinal. So I was dirty and dripping right OFF.. immediate drop to used space. I couldnt see what was coming which was also very hot. He f*cked me in the a*s first of course.. lube and then whammmmmmmm !!HARD!! right in... alls I could do is whimper and take it. Mmmmm hmmmm. Then he clamped my vulva connected to a chain clamped to his balls and slammed my c*nt HARD.. so that with every motion it pulled on my pussy lips and made me scream. I hate pain.. but sometimes I need it.. and I often deserve to suffer for somebody else's pleasure. I came sooooo frikken hard... over and over and over.. headless and used. After he spurted all over my faceless torso he ripped off the tape and took my head out. Then.. OF COURSE.. we watched the video he had been taking of us playing and I jerked off. Wooo hooo that was HOTTTTTT!


Motorcycles are sexy..
and certainly the vrooom vrooooom of a harley between my legs feels good. Is not that crazy I guess to extend that somebody would have developed a vibrator that you can have installed in the back of the seat for a rider. Well.. LUCKY ME cause my dear friend M did just THAT on his Harley for me. He had it put in right where my pussy fits on the seat and it actually connects to the wiring system so that when the engine revs up the vibe also boosts in power. It is like flying... cummming while the world is speeding by. It must have looked very strange to people driving by us this past Tues. I was wearing a full face helmet and leathers... kind of like a disembodied feminine form. I doubt they could hear my screaming... but the visual probably looked a little odd... with my back fully arched.. my head totally tossed back.. my pelvis rocking into the seat.. and my fists clenched hitting the sides of the seat... wave after wave after wave. Sooooo.. fyi.. if you see this happening on the back of a motorcycle out there on the road somewhere.. just smile that knowing smile.

Limo B-day BANG

Ended up with 4 guys in all... the 1 man who arranged this for me... and 3 big beautiful black cocks. The man who arranged it mostly watched.. almost like he had created his own live porn movie for himself. I LOVE that guy!!! He is SOOOO fukkin good to me!!

The other guys pretty much passed me back and forth between them... sharing my holes.. turning me around this way and that.. replacing mouth for cunt or ass as the moment took them.

The BEST thing about this limo was that you could not see inside from the outside at all which was important because we were going to be driving in rush hour traffic.. and around downtown Chicago.. fucking the whole way.

There was a moment when we were driving down Michigan Ave.. with my hair being pulled and my face being SMASHED into the window glass... being POUNDED HARD from behind... and I was making those animal grunts that come out of me when my cunt is fully and deeply getting fucked... and I looked out at the people walking less than 2 feet away from me on the sidewalk... totally clueless that there was a totally nekkid girl touching distance away from them... getting mercilessly POUNDED. It was even better when I had one cock underneath me in my pussy... one behind me in my ass.. and another in my mouth.. once again.. glancing out the window as I was stuffed airtight by 3 huge beautiful black cocks... and seeing the people just walking by.. not knowing a thing was going on.