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Bi Glory Hole HO

Went with a bi friend of mine. We have done glory hole adult theater play locally and in Vegas for the past couple of years.

His fantasy this time was to act as my fluffer. He was in one booth and I went into the one next to him.... and of course there was a hole in the wall between us. I kept the door open and immediately took off my clothes. Then I walked into the hallway and asked if anybody was bi. Got an immediate taker. He came in with me and I closed the door. I opened up his pants and took out his cock and showed it to my friend. Then I lightly licked it to feel how hard it was on my tongue and smiled at my friend who was waving his hand in a cum hither motion through the hole. I obliged. LOL I stood up and moved our cocktoy over to the hole and then pushed his butt so his hips were firmly against the wall so that his cock would be fully sticking through the other side for my friend to suck it. While he sucked I stroked the man's butt cheeks and his balls. After a few minutes of my friend slurping on the other side of the wall... the man backed up revealing his VERY engorged and READY cock. My fluffer did an awesome job for me. I licked and sucked for a second just to share some of that juicy spit of my friend's on his cock and then asked him if he wanted to fuck me. He said YESSSSS.. so I asked him if he had a condom.. which he did and put it on. Then I bent over with my ass sticking out, my hands on the floor, and my head bashed down into the corner of that nasty little stall.. making sure that my friend on the other side would have a clear view of his cock going in and out of my waiting drippy cunt. He proceeded to slam and slam and slam... with my friend making comments about how beautiful I looked getting fucked like that. The guy pulled out right at the end.. turned me around to my knees in front of him.. pulled the condom off and spurted his load all over my face. YUMMMMMY!!!! My friend then put his hand through the hole.. wiped the cum all over my face and said good girl. As the guy was getting dressed my friend said to me... okay go get another cock for us.

Of course by then there were a guys lingering outside the door. LOL So as the one left another walked right in. I asked him if he was bi to which he replied... well bi enough. LOL So my friend fluffed his cock for me again and then he slammed me. He had a beautiful cock.. one that I had the pleasure of being plowed by previously many a time in this particular venue. This guy couldnt hold it though and exploded in the condom in my pussy. So after he pulled out I asked him to empty the condom all over my face.. which he very happily agreed to. Once again my friend put his hand through the hole and wiped it all over my face and tits and said good girl now get another cock.

Door opened.. the one guy left and another guy came in. This guy was fukkkkin HOT too. He immediately took out his cock and shit.. fukkin beautiful huge wide cock. I then asked him if he was bi to which he replied no. Arghhh. But I was being a good girl and my duty in that hole was actually about my friend so I said.. "sorry but this is a bi game.. my friend is here to fluff cocks before they fuck me". The guy said... "well I guess he could lick me a little"... in reality of course ONLY to fuck me... but he really didnt want to. I asked my friend and he said okay. So I took the guys cock in my mouth for a second to start his cock bulging and then I stood up and told him to put his cock through the hole. He SO didnt want to. I was like.. sorry but this is our game right now.. so if you dont want to... He said okay okay.. and moved his cock over to the hole with just the tip sticking through.. and my friend oh so gingerly licked the tip. The guy let him for a few seconds but then backed up. I was ready to say sorry we cant play... but LUCKILY my friend said.. I want to see you ride that cock YESSSSSSSSSS!! So the guy sat down in the chair in the corner... I put a condom on... and straddled his huge cock.. occasionally glancing over at my friend watching through the hole and smiling. He was about ready to cum and asked me if he could stroke it all over my face so I got off of him, kneeled before him,took off the condom, and he jerked a HUGE load all over my face. YUMMMAY! I didnt MEAN to force bi action on him... but hey... he can never say he never had a male tongue on his cock NOW can he? LOL

We did about 8 guys total... all the rest being at least situationally bi. I think 2 were actually comfortably bi.. the one not at all.. and the other 5 bi because that was the way to fuck me 1 on 1 in the booth.

After we were done playing with the other cocks my friend had me come in his booth. He immediately had me squat down onto his cock and started kissing my still cum drippy face. He then bent me over with my mouth to the hole in front of me and told me that I better suck any cock that comes through that hole. He then started POUNDING me. I LOVE the way this guy fucks me like a jackhammer. I did TRY to suck the cock in my face but it was kind of hard due to my SCREAMING and due to how hard he was fucking me from behind. Right before he was ready to blow he ripped his condom off and shot his load alll over my back and down my butt cheeks. FUKKKKKKKKKIN HOTTTTTTTTTT HOTTTTTTTTTT HOTTTTTTTTTT!!! He then wiped off my behind and himself and left.

Sooooo.... I put on my coat.... grabbed a drink at the front... and then went into the theater area to lay down and get GANGBANGED by whoever wanted to of course. LOL Did about 30 more in there including at least 2 who had done me in the booth as well... cause I certainly dont ever wanna be called a TEASE or a sex elitist. Course.. I didnt tell any of those guys in the booths that ACTUALLY if they just waited.. they could get me without any need for biaction at all. But HEY they didnt ASK either now did they? Yes I am a BAD BAD girl I know. ;)