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IT WAS HER FANTASY.. TO BE MADE INTO YOUR FANTASY!! bebedoll.com and bebedoll.net

Dissection...Pieces of The Doll

Open up the part of her that you need to open up the place in you.
She was not an actress... to her roleplay was not about pretending so much as allowing other sides of her to be displayed.  There was so much in EVERY single person that was hidden.. and denied... including her.  It was so freeing.. and enlightening... to bring these pieces of self out in the sun.. and to let them breathe.. and hold them.. and love them.. and finally to OWN them..as a part of you.  She pleaded with the people she served to be brave with her.. to let her be exposed and also to let themselves be exposed to her... past the body.. and deeply deeply into the soul.  In the end to her.. every step she took was about that spirit connection.. and she felt so blessed that her spirit path was  absolutely through her cunt.  When she let her self be still and calmed her mind.... the voices from her depths.. from her genitals.. always led her to where she needed to be.. and what she needed to see.  That afterall... is why she was here.. needing you.


Roleplay options.. well ANYTHING just about... but she is oh so READY for:

Daddy/daughter/baby or Mommy/son/baby(diapers are usssss)

Lil Bo Peep including her big thick STAFF

Mean ol Drill Seargent to whip you into shape

Oh sooo naughty nurse.. speculum at the ready!

 ooorrrrrr DENTIST! open wiiiiide!

French Maid with a feather duster up her buttttt! let me clean that for you Sir...ooo la la! 

Wittle barking puppy with wagggggy tail.. inserted of course!  Leashed and collared! Papers down!

Ponygal.. bit and blinders, leather harness... wanna RIDE me?

 Executive.. your boss or you be mine.

Secretary under the desk with mouth open.. ready to KISS YOUR BUTT!

 Harem girl at your feet and at your.. wherever ya want her of course.

Slave girl.. Domme.. leather leather leather leather... corsettes, boots, collar, whips, rope, chain, sex swang toooo!

What she  wants.. is your imagiantion swirled with hers! Lets dig deep into those recesses and make some MAGIC!

But but but she REALLLLY wants a gorilla to cum maul her. SHE is NOT KIDDING!! Well except for the gorilla size member she reckons... lets upsize that to human form! Come on... anybody into furry love out there??? neeeeed neeeeed NEEEEEEEED!!! and did she say NEEEEEED??? Well okay if she cant have the real gorilla.. a man IN a gorilla costume?? please???? :)

She wants to be naked with you.  Not the simple type of naked.. of dropping clothes... but the deeper naked... of dropping pretend.